5 October 2012

On the dilemma between staying in and going out

The other day I was out taking photos of a gig. It was the middle of the week, late at night and I was waiting around by myself for the first band to play. While I waited I wondered why I never see any of the people I work with during the day out at gigs. I might see one or two people I know when a big international act comes through, but generally not at local shows.

22 September 2012

I'm just not that into it

New-Way-Home-10Something I hear a lot when discussing music with people is "oh, I'm just not into..." followed by whatever genre of music I've been talking about, whether it be hip hop, metal, reggae, or just good old New Zealand music. It's always a little disappointing to find someone who wants to talk about music, or at least wants to listen to me talk about music, and then find that they've closed their mind off to whole pieces of the musical world.

11 September 2012

It's not the tools, it's what you do with them

A while back there was a quote from Dave Grohl going around, about real music being made with guitars and not computers - it was something he talked about on the last Foo Fighters tour and he repeated the comment in several interviews. It was clearly something he felt strongly about, and he saw rock music as being more "real" or legitimate than electronic music.

4 September 2012

Go the whole hog

I've noticed a bit of a trend over the past couple of years, of bands playing a lot of shows, building a following, releasing an album (all normal so far, right), then disappearing from view - either splitting up or just reducing the momentum. It's something that I can't understand, and somehow it bugs me a bit - although I am easily bugged.

25 August 2012

Tunes, tunes, tunes

It's that time again people - time for some smoking new tunes for your listening pleasure that is. Here's a selection that I've come across over the last couple of weeks that I think you'll like. And remember, if you do find something you like here please be sure to support the band by buying their music, going to see them play or just telling your friends about them. Until next time, enjoy.

11 August 2012

Burning bridges

The-Postures-09There's been a lot of smack talk directed towards local bands lately and it's making me a little mad. So instead of internalizing it, I thought I'd use this week's post to address the issue in an attempt at free therapy.

The bands in question tend to be mainstream bands, who have had varying degrees of commercial success locally. They are generally bands who have been around a while, and have received government funding in various forms. And this is what seems to be getting people's backs up - that these mainstream bands have received significant amounts of funding, when other bands get nothing.

4 August 2012

On music and emotion

I recently ran into a local musician I know whilst in a severely inebriated state (me, not him, or if he was he hid it well) and got talking about music, as you do. The main point of the "conversation" (really just me ranting while he laughed at me) was that music should inspire emotion (in this case, the argument was that music should make people want to either fuck or fight). It's a statement I stand mostly behind, with some caveats, not least of all that 75% of everything I say when intoxicated should be stricken from the record immediately, and the remainder requires substantial editing to a)remove the sweeping generalisations I'm known for, and b)make it appropriate for the general public.

26 July 2012

Changing your tune

Emily-Fairlight-07So I got the new Baroness album last week, something I was pretty excited about hearing. I'd heard it was a bit different to their other albums, being a double album with two distinct feels for starters. But also that it sounded a lot different. And when I heard it I had to agree - this wasn't the Baroness I knew.

13 July 2012

Get some sounds in ya.

No big rant on music this week, sorry to disappoint you all. What I do gots for ya is some fresh new music to get you through the weekend and all the way to next week. Listen to it, enjoy it, share it, and if you like it why not send a little something something the musicians way? There'll be plenty more ranting and raving next week kids, so until then, get some sounds in ya.

6 July 2012

A shot in the arm

Carb-On-Carb-14So this week was going to follow on from my last post, about copying/downloading music and how musicians need to find ways to innovate to survive: finding new ways of connecting with their audiences, marketing, distributing, and generally bypassing the established old order of the music industry.

21 June 2012

If it's broke, why ain't we fixing it?

Gatherer-12The argument against downloading music from the internet gets thrown back and forth ad nauseum these days, with most people forming an opinion on one side of the debate or the other. Usually it's musicians and those associated with the music industry, and not necessarily the major labels, arguing against it, while people without any real connection to music (those people who don't want to go out and pay to see a band live, and generally don't offer any material support to musicians) arguing for it, with some exceptions on both sides.

15 June 2012

New tunes, new tunes

Once again I've been combing the furthest reaches of the internet to find hot new tunes to enhance your life. It's not an easy job trawling through piles of awful mass-produce pop garbage to find these gems of songwriting for you, and it's a thankless task. But enough about me. Enjoy these tracks and as always, if you find something you really enjoy, support the artists by buying something or getting out to see them perform live. Your ears will thank you for it. Next week I'll be back with more meanderings on musical matters.

7 June 2012

Less talk, more hip hop.

Dean Hapeta (aka Te Koopu) of legendary New Zealand hip hop crew Upper Hutt Posse recently said that hip hop used to be a form of activism and that todays' big artists had nothing of value to say. While he has a point, in that most of the hip hop we see and hear in popular media forms is there for entertainment value only, that doesn't necessarily mean that hip hop has strayed from it's original path.

27 May 2012

All ages

Molest-the-Episcopate-04When I was growing up all ages gigs were happening every weekend and more often than not that's where we could be found on a Friday or Saturday night. Local halls would be appropriated and bands from all over the country would play, ranging from 15 year olds just starting their first band to established bands with big followings. It seemed pretty normal to have bands playing for us in these venues, so it came as something of a shock to hear from a friend that they never experienced all ages gigs growing up, because the venues weren't there and no one was interested in organising them.

I have so many great memories from those shows. There was always a positive atmosphere (even at those shows where everyone was drinking illicit beers, stolen from parents fridges or bought by older brothers), everyone was there to enjoy the music, no matter who was playing. Skill didn't matter so much, as long as the band gave it everything the crowd would reciprocate. There were no ego's, no expectations and no rules.

18 May 2012

In one ear, in the other

Hey kids, you're weekend is just getting started, so I know you're going to want some new tunes to listen to while you chill out, get drunk or do whatever else you do when you're not working or learning. Here's some songs that I've been getting into this weekend. Hopefully you'll find something you like, and you might even go and buy some more music from these people. Enjoy.

4 May 2012

NZ Music Month


Here in New Zealand, like the rest of the world, it's May. Unlike the rest of the world, it's New Zealand Music Month - a month created 12 years ago to celebrate our music. It's a great and noble idea, but does it actually achieve anything?

22 April 2012

You're either part of the problem, or part of the solution

A fellow music writer/critic wrote two interesting things recently on his own blog, one of which I agree with and the other I find contentious.

He stated that we shouldn't be supporting local music just because it's local - rather we should judge each band on their own merits and to the standards we would apply to music from anywhere else.

This isn't a new proposition, but it's one that took me some time to come around to.  When I initially heard it (in response to the annual New Zealand Music Month) I disagreed and felt that we should support local music over music from overseas.

13 April 2012

Get your hot tunes here!

Here we are again, with another round of new tunes for your entertainment, and just in time for the weekend too! Get stuck into these, let me know what you think of them, and if you find anything you like buy it.

Next week I'll be back with some words of my own.

24 March 2012

You mean I do this for free? You must be crazy.

Beastwars-14Often when I'm out photographing or reviewing music I'll get someone come up to me and want to chat about what I do - not all of them as confrontational or confused as the dude I wrote about in the last post. A lot of times they just want to know about the behind-the-scenes part of it.

12 March 2012

So why do I photograph bands? Here's why.

Some of you might have seen this story on my Facebook page, but I thought it's be interesting to repeat it here and go into it in a little bit more depth.

Last week I was out photographing a gig (Julien Dyne, Parks and Alphabethead, in case you're interested). There was a guy leaning against the wall next to me, clearly drunk - eyes almost rolled back in the head, using the wall to stand up drunk - who was watching me snapping away for a while.  I went to move to the other side of the venue, to photograph from the other side, when he grabbed my arm and asked, in a confused/aggressive/agitated way, "what are you taking photos of them for?"

3 March 2012

Ear treats

It's that time again boys and girls.  Time for new tunes that is.  Here's this week's installment of musical gems sourced from the internet for your listening pleasure.

25 February 2012

Lessons from a music marathon

Shihad-07Last weekend I had the pleasure and good fortune of checking out Wellington’s festival of New Zealand music, Homegrown.

It was a pretty full on day, with 40+ bands spread across 6 stages there was plenty of opportunity to see a plethora of local talent in action.

Here’s some thoughts from the day:

10 February 2012

Into it with a fizzle

I'd intended to start this year with a bang, getting stuck right into blogging, reviewing and photographing.  Things didn't quite work out as planned, but the momentum is definitely picking up.

This is the first post in a while, so no mucking about this week gang.  Here's some new tunes for you. Have a listen, see what you like, buy it if you like it.

14 January 2012

Music technology is not Godzilla

The constant evolution of technology has been spreading changes throughout the music industry over recent years, to the point where the traditional industry structure seems almost redundant. 

Despite claims to the contrary by the major record labels the music “industry” has never been healthier, or provided artists with more ways of reaching listeners and succeeding.

5 January 2012

Let's party like it's 1999

So it's a new year and that means new music for everyone.  Yay!  Hope y'all enjoyed some good tunes over the Christmas/New Years holidays, and if you're sick of what you've been listening to then here's some awesome new music.