25 August 2012

Tunes, tunes, tunes

It's that time again people - time for some smoking new tunes for your listening pleasure that is. Here's a selection that I've come across over the last couple of weeks that I think you'll like. And remember, if you do find something you like here please be sure to support the band by buying their music, going to see them play or just telling your friends about them. Until next time, enjoy.

Funkacybin are a pretty new band but they're going to do big things - I can just tell. They're already in the NZ finals of the Battle of the Bands, and have a couple of catchy songs available to listen to/buy on Bandcamp. They sound like a mix of a hole heap of bands that I really like - early Incubus, Primus, the funky Chilli Peppers stuff.

Snap, Crackle and Pop don't sound anything like that old cereal ad, so that's a plus right away. They do sound catchy, a little rough, but poppy with a punky twist. And they're a heap of fun to listen to, and even more fun live.

Name UL is 16 years old, has toured with the Pharcyde, recorded tracks with a lot of awesome producers and is generally kicking arse. What were you doing at 16?

The Postures make raw and rough indie tunes, using all sorts of crazy techniques to wrangle their noise out of their instruments. It can be intense, but it can also be really interesting. Sort of Sonic Youth-y I guess if you really want me to try and describe it with words. How about you have a listen and describe it for yourself?

Minelli is dark electronic music that creates a soundtrack to your bad dreams. It's also incredibly infectious music, that will linger on in your mind for days. The first album is out now, and well worth getting your grubby little mitts on.

Death To A Dying World make some pretty heavy shit, but with these really nice melodic bits going on over the top. It's all about contrast and balance people. It's also classic brutal death metal. So something for everyone then.

I only recently jumped onto the Cloudkicker bandwagon, getting pretty into their last album. Just in time too, because there's a new one out now. And it's good stuff, perhaps even better than the last one. It's sort of prog/tech/metal/rock stuff. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then have a good long listen to it.

Johnsonville City Nights are alt-folk-country or something along those lines. They write really catchy songs about random things. It's nice stuff, but a little edgy too.

KUTKH have a name that can't be pronounced by mortals, and play big black metally chuggy songs. This is from their new album, which seems to be some kind of concept album. Whatever. If it's heavy and doom laden you're after, this is the one for you.

Just to get a bit of multi-cultural in, here's some rock from Spaniards Invitado de Piedra. It's awesome and one of my favourite Spanish rock bands. Okay, probably the only Spanish rock band I've heard, but it's still awesome.

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