5 January 2012

Let's party like it's 1999

So it's a new year and that means new music for everyone.  Yay!  Hope y'all enjoyed some good tunes over the Christmas/New Years holidays, and if you're sick of what you've been listening to then here's some awesome new music.
Hollywoodfun Downstairs are a band I've been enjoying a lot live lately and they've just put out a promo/demo.  It's a bit punk, a bit metal, a bit mad, and a whole lot of fun.

Northwoods from Massachusetts make reverby, floaty mellow rock.  It's really nice chilled out music and they write some beautiful songs.

For some reason I normally associate Brazilian music with metal (probably due to an unhealthy obsession with Sepultura in my teens).  Lately I've been discovering there's a lot more to Brazil than speed metal.  Like Fuzzly.  They describe themselves as stoner rock, but that's doing it a bit of a disservice - there's a bit of that stoner feel to it, but it's a bit more interesting than you're average stoner band.

Auckland's The Glory Sea make poppy, funky indie music that sounds amazing.  It's easy to imagine a room full of people dancing and clapping along to this.

Soft Spoken and Bagga One are from Chicago and their mellow, acoustic hip hop is a treat for hip hop fans tired of posturing and fakeness.

Wellington's Captain Sergeant Major rock hard, harder than most, and have been doing so forever now.  They released an album last year, now it looks to be re-released through Hell Is Now Love.  This track will do it for ya if you're a fan of the Shellac school of rocking out.

Music For Headphones should not, in fact, be listened to through headphones, but instead played loud enough to appreciate the spaciousness that these psychedelic shoegazers create in their music.

Elephant of the Ocean play brutal, unrelenting metal and that's why we love them. You should too (love them that is, but feel free to pick up an instrument, start a band and hope you can be as awesome as these guys).

That's it for this week dudes and dudettes.  I'll be back with music related ranting next week.  Until then, enjoy these tracks, let me know in the comments which ones rocked your world, or just share what you've been listening to this week/year.


  1. Thanks for the wrap bro....truk oilywater....

  2. Hollywoodfun Downstairs fuckin rule

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