10 February 2012

Into it with a fizzle

I'd intended to start this year with a bang, getting stuck right into blogging, reviewing and photographing.  Things didn't quite work out as planned, but the momentum is definitely picking up.

This is the first post in a while, so no mucking about this week gang.  Here's some new tunes for you. Have a listen, see what you like, buy it if you like it.
The Alpine Ghost hail from Colombus, Ohio, and dish out some nice jazzy rock grooves. Mellow.

Sydney's Thieves play bluesy-rock with a lot of passion, and that's what all music should have.

You got to love Julien Dyne's work - an awesome drummer, with bands like OpenSouls and Ladi 6, plus a celebrated solo artist to boot.  This track is from his upcoming 2nd album Glimpse.

Myele Manzanza is another amazing drummer and one of my favourite to watch live.  He's releasing an album next week but has put out a track as a taster, featuring the vocal talents of the incredible Bella Kalolo.

Meshuggah are one of the best metal bands out there, playing brutal, minimalist, industrial, mathematical music.  They've leaked the first single from their upcoming album, so here it is.

Aucklands Illuminus make interesting moody rock.  It's catchy, might surprise you, and it's definitely worth a listen.

It's chuggy, throbbing rock you want is it?  Stallone ought to fix you right up.

Folky, pop rock/  You got it.  Check out Said The Whale.

That's it for now - told ya it'd be short and sweet.  Back soon.

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