6 July 2013

Can it be that it was all so simple then

So this makes it three weeks in a row for new posts, which is a pretty strong start I think. This week it's a compilation of a few more things I've been checking out. Hopefully you find it interesting, informative or at least entertaining.

29 June 2013

Take the brain out, leave the heart in

Yeah, yeah, so I used another Aesop Rock quote this week, but it's my blog so I can do that if I want, so.. so what. Speaking of so what, I checked out the movie The Violent Years this week, mainly because samples were used in the Ministry song So What, probably my favourite of their songs. Here's the link to the movie if you want to watch it it's a ridiculous exploitation film about the perils of not spending time with your kids.

22 June 2013

If you're just tuning in, walk into the light

So it's been a while since I wrote anything here, but I've resolved to use Facebook less this week and, as I need somewhere to share all the gems I come across in my travels through the internet I'll be updating the blog a bit more (I say hopeful of commitment to it this time...).

Here's a few things I've been getting into this week - I hope you find something you like.

5 October 2012

On the dilemma between staying in and going out

The other day I was out taking photos of a gig. It was the middle of the week, late at night and I was waiting around by myself for the first band to play. While I waited I wondered why I never see any of the people I work with during the day out at gigs. I might see one or two people I know when a big international act comes through, but generally not at local shows.

22 September 2012

I'm just not that into it

New-Way-Home-10Something I hear a lot when discussing music with people is "oh, I'm just not into..." followed by whatever genre of music I've been talking about, whether it be hip hop, metal, reggae, or just good old New Zealand music. It's always a little disappointing to find someone who wants to talk about music, or at least wants to listen to me talk about music, and then find that they've closed their mind off to whole pieces of the musical world.

11 September 2012

It's not the tools, it's what you do with them

A while back there was a quote from Dave Grohl going around, about real music being made with guitars and not computers - it was something he talked about on the last Foo Fighters tour and he repeated the comment in several interviews. It was clearly something he felt strongly about, and he saw rock music as being more "real" or legitimate than electronic music.

4 September 2012

Go the whole hog

I've noticed a bit of a trend over the past couple of years, of bands playing a lot of shows, building a following, releasing an album (all normal so far, right), then disappearing from view - either splitting up or just reducing the momentum. It's something that I can't understand, and somehow it bugs me a bit - although I am easily bugged.