13 July 2012

Get some sounds in ya.

No big rant on music this week, sorry to disappoint you all. What I do gots for ya is some fresh new music to get you through the weekend and all the way to next week. Listen to it, enjoy it, share it, and if you like it why not send a little something something the musicians way? There'll be plenty more ranting and raving next week kids, so until then, get some sounds in ya.

Jucifer play sparse and dark pseudo-grind, or something like that. They're pretty good, regardless of what you want to call it. This is an ancient album from the early '90s, originally only available on cassette (whatever they were, right?) but now remastered and brought to you in the digital future.

Wildernessking are South African noise gods. They are heavy, intense, and always interesting. This track is from their first album. They've also got a new EP that's just come out but it's a bit different to the older stuff, and is more experimental.

Old Man Gloom are a sort of metal supergroup, with former members of Isis, Converge, Cave In and more. So you pretty much know they're going to be good before you even hear them. And when you do hear them it just confirms things. This is from their first album, which is available super cheap from Bandcamp.

Black City Lights are one of those success stories you sometimes hear about - they've been around for a heartbeat, played a lot of local shows, got signed to a New York label and now there's big things on the horizon. If you're smart you'll get into them now, so when they're huge you can say that you were into them before they got massive.

Eyeliner is a side-project of sorts from the genius that is Disasteradio. Hopefully this will tide you Gravy Rainbow loving wierdos over until there's a new Disasteradio release.

No Anchor hail from Brisbane, Australia, where apparently it's cool to make progressive, sludgy, awesome music. Hell, that's awesome anywhere, so I've got no problem with it if you don't. And if you do, why not at least have a listen and see if they change your mind? Where's the harm in that?

Urbantramper made a whole album about loving the internet, and how cool the internet is and stuff like that. It's pretty hard to work out exactly what they're on about, but if you listen real hard maybe you'll be able to figure it out. At least you'll enjoy yourself while you're doing it.

Clap Clap Riot put this track out a while ago, but now they've re-released it on their debut album. Smart kids. It's a happy, clappy, sing along ball of fun. The whole album is too. Listen to this, and then watch as your hand reaches into your pocket, pulls out a wad of money and stuffs it into their bandcamp site. You won't be able to do anything to stop it.

Apparently the song that Tommy Ill samples here is pretty famous right now (like this week), but I'd never heard it before. Now I hear it everywhere and everytime it's on I think about how much Tommy Ill improved the shit out of it. He's good like that.

There's not enough girls in hip hop. There should be more, and they should all be as good as Angel Haze. She's from New York, she's about 12 years old from the looks of it, and she's got more talent than half the male MC's out there put together. Her debut has just dropped so go get it.

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