26 July 2012

Changing your tune

Emily-Fairlight-07So I got the new Baroness album last week, something I was pretty excited about hearing. I'd heard it was a bit different to their other albums, being a double album with two distinct feels for starters. But also that it sounded a lot different. And when I heard it I had to agree - this wasn't the Baroness I knew.

13 July 2012

Get some sounds in ya.

No big rant on music this week, sorry to disappoint you all. What I do gots for ya is some fresh new music to get you through the weekend and all the way to next week. Listen to it, enjoy it, share it, and if you like it why not send a little something something the musicians way? There'll be plenty more ranting and raving next week kids, so until then, get some sounds in ya.

6 July 2012

A shot in the arm

Carb-On-Carb-14So this week was going to follow on from my last post, about copying/downloading music and how musicians need to find ways to innovate to survive: finding new ways of connecting with their audiences, marketing, distributing, and generally bypassing the established old order of the music industry.