25 August 2012

Tunes, tunes, tunes

It's that time again people - time for some smoking new tunes for your listening pleasure that is. Here's a selection that I've come across over the last couple of weeks that I think you'll like. And remember, if you do find something you like here please be sure to support the band by buying their music, going to see them play or just telling your friends about them. Until next time, enjoy.

11 August 2012

Burning bridges

The-Postures-09There's been a lot of smack talk directed towards local bands lately and it's making me a little mad. So instead of internalizing it, I thought I'd use this week's post to address the issue in an attempt at free therapy.

The bands in question tend to be mainstream bands, who have had varying degrees of commercial success locally. They are generally bands who have been around a while, and have received government funding in various forms. And this is what seems to be getting people's backs up - that these mainstream bands have received significant amounts of funding, when other bands get nothing.

4 August 2012

On music and emotion

I recently ran into a local musician I know whilst in a severely inebriated state (me, not him, or if he was he hid it well) and got talking about music, as you do. The main point of the "conversation" (really just me ranting while he laughed at me) was that music should inspire emotion (in this case, the argument was that music should make people want to either fuck or fight). It's a statement I stand mostly behind, with some caveats, not least of all that 75% of everything I say when intoxicated should be stricken from the record immediately, and the remainder requires substantial editing to a)remove the sweeping generalisations I'm known for, and b)make it appropriate for the general public.