18 May 2012

In one ear, in the other

Hey kids, you're weekend is just getting started, so I know you're going to want some new tunes to listen to while you chill out, get drunk or do whatever else you do when you're not working or learning. Here's some songs that I've been getting into this weekend. Hopefully you'll find something you like, and you might even go and buy some more music from these people. Enjoy.

Sometimes I get tired of hearing weak MCs all over the place just bragging about how great they are. You're not that great when you just sound like everyone else. Wiki on the other hand, doesn't sound like anybody. He's got a unique flow and interesting rhymes and doesn't tend to spend whole songs just hyping himself. This is my favourite track from his EP 1993.

There's some songs that just get inside your head and won't leave. Bullets is one of those songs. I heard it once and now I can't stop listening to it. The chorus just seems to float around in my skull all day until I listen to it again. It's going to interesting to see what Janine and the Mixtape come up with next.

I've featured a song by Hollywoodfun Downstairs before, but now they've got a new drummer and they've rerecorded this one. Expect to see it pretty much everywhere soon, because these guys are about to blow up big time, with the song already getting airplay around town, and about to featured on at least one compilation.

Anthm put out a "cover" (if you can cover hip hop) of an old school rhyme a while ago and when I saw it I instantly wanted to hear more of his stuff. There's some good, some really good, and some that seems to go off in a club/R&B direction that misses the mark a bit. But when he's on fire, he nails it. Here's that cover for you.

The All Seeing Hand have had a busy month. They've toured the country, sacrificed their singer live on stage, and are now making copies of their album available free to all who want it. Here's my favourite track from the album. If you like it, head to Alphabethead's blog to grab the whole thing while you still can.

Sky Village are like one of those super groups, where you get a whole bunch of awesome musicians from other awesome bands and throw them all together to see what happens. And what has happened in this case is some amazing music. They'll be playing live very soon, but until then there's a few demo tracks floating about to whet your appetite.

Just when you thought the sludge genre had done it's dash along comes a band like Indian to reinvigorate the sound. They've got an interesting spin on the style, and are worth repeated listens if you're into that sort of thing. If you're not into it, then they're a great way to start.

Horseback are one of those bands you just can't peg to a particular sound. Their last EP was an intense burst of heaviness, yet at the same time a subtle and challenging epic. Their new album shows a change of tack, with more melodic, slow tracks, and a bit more experimentation. Who knows where they'll go next but you should tag along with them to find out.

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