6 July 2013

Can it be that it was all so simple then

So this makes it three weeks in a row for new posts, which is a pretty strong start I think. This week it's a compilation of a few more things I've been checking out. Hopefully you find it interesting, informative or at least entertaining.

Noisey, which is Vice's music channel, does some pretty cool interviews with some good bands. I checked out their two part interview with the Wu Tang (or two members of the Wu) this week.

Here's part 1.

And here's part 2.

Ghostface Killah, probably my favourite member of the Wu, has just released a new album, Twelve Reasons To Die. It's the tale of how Tony Starks came to be the Ghostface Killah (it involves gangsters, and being killed and pressed into vinyl - what did you expect?) and it's pretty cool. Here's the first single off it.

Last year MF Doom teamed up with Jneiro Jarel to release an album as JJ Doom. They're releasing it again for some reason, and it now includes some new tracks, including this one, which is better than anything on the original album, and has an interesting video to boot.

And now some more William S. Burroughs. Here's an interview he did back in the 80's, which covers pretty much everything he's all about.

If you couldn't be bothered with a whole interview with Burroughs, here's a well made video just looking at the cut up method which Brion Gysin introduced him to.

My old friend Kris (host of the Sunday Shuffle on Radio Ponsonby if you're interested in some hot soul and funk on a Sunday afternoon) reminded me the other day how much I used to be into Iron Maiden. Hallowed Be Thy Name was my favourite song for a while, and that reminded me of this video. I must have watched this about 1000 times when it came out.

That's enough for this week I think. I'll be back next week, probably.

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