16 December 2011

My Christmas gift to your ears

Here's some new tunes hot off the internet for you to listen to and maybe even buy for your loved ones for Christmas.  And there's no one I love more than myself, so I'd keep most of these for me.

Lexington's Wes Meek describes his music as acoustic shit-house.  He's half right.  It's acoustic but there's nothing shit about it.

The Mighty Sun from San Diego are ridiculous.  Ridiculous songs, ridiculous lyrics, ridiculous EP title.  But also ridiculous fun, because not all music needs to be about how life sucks when you're middle class and white (to paraphrase Ben Folds).

Diving For Sunken Treasure are from Berlin and play folk pirate punk with a flamenco twist.  Sounds messed up I know, but it's pretty cool stuff.

Australian music isn't all Cold Chisel and AC/DC  (aka bluesy pub rock) and Sydney's Sleepmakeswaves are here to prove it.  Sort of shoegaze, post rock, epics (most of the tracks on the album this comes from are loooong).  This track starts off a bit slow, but bear with it and you'll be rewarded with some huge rock sounds.

Ever heard anything from Norwich?  Neither had I til I stumbled across Ghosts of Sadako.  You should hear it too, if you're into gloomy, pulsing rock.

Sydney seems to be where it's at this week.  This is Serious Beak. Serious Beak, this is everyone.  Messed up metal.  Nice.

I like my hip hop to be funky, fun and with a minimum of bitches and ho's.  (North) Bronx's Ollyamorous fits the bill perfectly.

Pseudo Intellectuals remind me of the jazz-drenched hip hop of the early 90's.  Groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

Boy Eats Drum Machine is experimental hip hop out of Portland.  It's a bit DJ Shadow, but more out there.  Maybe one of the best things I've heard (in hip hop) in the past couple of months.

Jazz from Slovenia?  Now we're really getting into the good stuff.  Tine Grgurevich is jazz.  End of story.

That should keep y'all going until the next update in a fortnight.  Next week I'll be dishing the dirt on my favourite bands from this year; who I thought the best live acts were, and the best recordings I've heard.  Should be a good 'un.

If you enjoyed any of the bands above leave a comment below and let me know, or just tell me about any other new bands you've been enjoying recently.

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