10 November 2011

Loud, quiet, Loud, quiet, LOUD

Okay you crazy kids, this week we're back to some bandcamp treats that I've come across in the past couple of weeks.  There's a fifty-fifty (or phiddy for you young 'uns our there) split between mellow relaxing tunes and heavy rumbling doom.  Which is basically how I categorise people, so following my logic, there should be something for everyone here.  Enjoy, and as always, drop a comment below to let me know what you think of these tracks, or tell me what new music you've come across recently.

Before this week I'd only known Akaname's Filthlicker EP, which I really enjoy.  Then I found their album from last year and it was brain-meltingly good.  So it's the first LOUD track for this week.  They're currently sorting out their next album and if it's anywhere near as good as this then we're all in for a treat.

Maine's The Milkman Union have a folky sort of sound and have some damn nice tracks.  I like the stripped backness (yep, I'm just making up words now I think) of their sound and this track is pretty representative of what they do.  Did I mention this one's also got a pretty good message for y'all.  It's one of the quiet tracks, in case you were wondering.

If there's was one word that summed up the heavy, doomy, swamp riffs the Black Tusk lay down I'd use it, but there's not, so we're stuck with heavy, doomy, swamp riffs for now.  I'll get around to inventing a word for it someday though.  There must be something about Savannah, Georgia, that produces awesome bands like Black Tusk.  They should bottle it and sell it to other bands who wish they were this good.

Wellington's Glass Vaults do droney electronica with jungle drums and spacey vocals.  Which sounds like it should be a real hippie-fest, but it's not (well, not much anyway).  It's chilled out though, but still keeps things interesting.  They are also pretty bloody amazing live, especially when they're all smashing all hell out of various pieces of drum kit.  This track is from their Into Clear EP, released last week.

Anyone know that people in Ontario were making music like this?  Well they are.  And this is only Sorceress' demo - imagine how much an album by these guys would destroy your ability to enjoy anything else.  And it's only out as a download or cassette.  As in tape.  Old school.

I've seen/photographed Wellington's The Shocking and Stunning about 4 times in the past couple of months, which would normally put me off most bands, but for some reason I keep coming back to these spaced out noise makers.  It's some more of that drone stuff, but then the drums will just kick it up a notch.  They're kind of like Voltron, but instead of robot panthers they combine drums and synths to make something much better.

And that's it for this week.  Next week I'll be back to twist your ear (or your eyes, which would be much more painful were I actually to do it) with some music related ramblings.  Enjoy.

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